Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm A Little Bit Country...I'm a Little Bit Rock n Roll

Got an invitation to see Donny & Marie with my adopted family - the Sopers - to celebrate Grandma Soper's 76th birthday. I admit: I had hoped to see the famous D & M in Viva Las Vegas.

Observations from Donny & Marie:

*Average age of the crowd: 67

*We sat with a mother & daughter from Texas who were giddy with excitement. Totally pegged them to be Mormon -- until they got a little more giddy with the Vodka.

*There was a lady in the row below us with the favorite 80s accessory: the banana clip

*The old people rushed the souveneir stand after the show. They were hot after the D & M / Las Vegas sign flashing button.

*Did you know the Osmond brothers sang a true gritty rock song called 'Crazy Horses'? YouTube it. It was bad in the 70s. It's still bad 40 years later.

*I might have had the giddiness rub off on me when Donny rocked 'Solidier of Love'. I spent an entire summer in 1989 waiting time & time again for that song to come on the radio so I could tape it.

*Marie is the definition of having stage presence & being a real show-woman. Her wardrobe was fun too....a few too many sequins & tule never hurt!

Overall -- I give it 2 thumbs up. For those SUU alums -- it was like Acclamation on steroids. An appropriate amount of Mormon jokes. An abundance of brother-sister scripted banter. Highly enjoyable!


Hali said...

You're a closet D&M fan? Who knew!?! Glad you had fun. Sounds like a real riot :-)

Lenzi Woodbury said...

LOL! Banana clips & Soldier of LOVE!?!? That's awesome! I too spent lots of time trying to TAPE that song! LOL!!