Sunday, February 20, 2011

Winter Blah Break

Took a break from the blog for the last month.


The Winter Blah.

My friend Liz told me the other day she is solar powered -- She needs the sun to find her get-up-and-go. I couldn't agree more. I crave feeling the warm sun on my skin, the smell of fresh-cut grass & the ability to play outside past 4:48 in the afternoon.

The other part of the break -- My many trips up & down I-15 from LV, NV to CC, UT. It's been 5 trips in 4 weeks. 1 more this week too. Pretty sure I could drive that stretch blindfolded & backwords and always make it in my 2.5 hours. Thank you SUU for my love-hate relationship with the black asphalt.

But....I'll find my mo-jo again. I'll keep dreaming of flip-flops & a chauffer.

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