Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Disney on Ice

Keller received Disney on Ice tickets for his birthday from Papa D & Grandma C. There were 4 tickets in the package -- enough for Mom, Dad & a friend. Of course, the friend was Vance.

These boys LOVED the show. Vance sat glued, holding on to his ticket the entire first half.

The boys did get a bit restless during the 'Princess' numbers. 4 year old boys don't understand the beauty of fake-wigged princesses being spun around the ice by dashing princes in spandex. Isn't that what every girl dreams of?

Keller actually started chanting, "We want Buzz, We want Buzz" totally unprovoked.

Alas, Buzz, Wood & the Toy Story gang arrived & smiles returned.
Thanks Papa D & Grandma C for a great afternoon out.

Love this pic. Taken after the show. Will be used for black mail in about 12 years.

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Chey said...

Hey Dana,
Just found your blog through Alli Waldrons. Luckily your last name sounded familiar to me. Just wanted to say hi. Your little guy is a cutie. Looks like you are in Vegas. Hope you are doing good.