Monday, December 13, 2010

Southern California Bound

Took a quick trip down to Southern California in early December.

Saw some great sites:

*Rose Bowl [Pasadena, CA]

*San Diego skyline from Coronado Island

*San Diego Temple
*Lights on San Diego temple grounds
*Christmas decor @ Hotel Del Coronado
This tree was amazing! Appartently it took 10 people 3 days to decorate it up & down.

In true Marchant travel fashion -- we ate....and ate....and ate.

We hit 3 Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives locations while on the road:

*Oinkster: Eagle Rock, CA

Amazing food! One of the best pulled pork sandwiches I have EVER had. Great garlic mayonnaise dip for the twice-fried french fries. Burger was awesome too. Keller loved his food so much that he stated the next morning, 'Man, I rocked that burger last night!'

*Pizzeria Luigi: San Deigo, CA

Good pizza & funny characters runnin' the joint.

*El Indio: San Diego, CA

Great Mexican food. Chips that were thick & crispy!

Also hit up Phil's BBQ in San Diego. I had no clue you could get THAT much smoke flavor into meat. Truly incredible! We were lucky to meet up with my cousin Zach & lucky to only have to wait 25 minutes -- wait times can be up to 1 hour & 25 mintues. Worth it!

And Keller's favorite part of the trip:

Luggage cart rides.

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