Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ethel M Christmas Cactus Lights

Ethel M Chocolates puts on a great light display in their Cactus Garden in Henderson each year.

Keller also got the chance to visit one of Santa's 'friends' to share his Christmas list, which includes:
-A real monkey
-A train with train tracks
-Paul Frank 'stuff'
-A stuffed puppy
Keller also got to meet Mr. M & M.
You must know something about Mr. Keller.... He thinks these characters are celebrities. He sees Mr. Star [from Carl's Jr] and squeals in delight. When Mr. Caesar [from Little Caesars] appeared at our new Little Caesars grand opening -- he made us stop the car at the corner to give him a high five. He also loves Mr. Macaroni [from The Mac Shack] & it is a great day when Mr. Icecream [from Menchies] makes an appearance. And, yes, we call them all by their proper Mr. titles.

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