Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Covey Not Allowed at FFN

I have a confession. I hate Monday nights & that dreaded event called 'Family Home Evening'.

I hope I'm not struck down.

When I was growing up - specifically in high school - and living with stepbrothers - my stepdad was a drill sergeant when it came to FHE. We would take turns planning - cram into the Buick that seemed to always have a Mariah Carey or Michael Bolton tape in the deck - go bowling - eat icecream....You get the picture.

Then...there were those dreaded 7 weeks in a row where someone invited the CD verison of Stephen Covey into our home. We sat in the reserved-for-the-home-teachers/white-couch formal living room & all pondered how to injure ourselves enough to get out of this weekly event.

Yes, we listened to the entire '7 Habits for Highly Effective Families' for 7 weeks. Straight.

We sat quietly. We tried to look like we were paying attention. We tried to pretend that we didn't want to escape back to Michael Bolton in the Buick.

Since then....Family Home Evening sends Covey-like chills through me.
That is why in our home it CANNOT be called FHE. At least Family Fun Night makes it sound like there will not be a book-on-CD allowed.

Hence, last night's FFN at our house involved a little Samuel the Lamanite, a little marshmallow fight & a milkshake.

Covey was no where in site.


AshleyS said...

you are such FUN parents. and i LOVE your pillows! where did you get them/have them made? unless you made them yourself, in which case...nevermind. :-)

Hali said...

Laughing SOOO hard right now.

You guys rock.

Scott and Kourt said...

I love it. it is so fun to hear how other families make Mondays special and teach the gospel while doing it. I am envious of all the fun places you see while working how wonderful. You guys are great. I think your corndog night made it into the alumni magazine. Micah Paul Keith talked about old memories of SUU, it reminded me of a post you wrote awhile ago.

The Funderburks said...

Dana, I just love you to pieces. Cheers to FFN.

Arizona trip looks cool!

The Allen Family said...

You're so creative and such a fun Mom. :)

Natalie said...

How come I was never invited to Covey FHE? :) Did you get new couches? Love the pillows. Please tell me they are new....or Was I so clueless I didn't see them before?

Dana Marchant said...

Thanks for the love of the pillows ladies! I got the biggest one at IKEA & yes, semi-sewed the rest of 'em. NO -- I am not a seamstress. They look decent from a-far.