Sunday, October 3, 2010

Arizona 2010: Prescott to Home Again

Our journey continued from Tucson to Prescott Valley, Arizona.

[We channeled American Pickers at this awesome antique store. We thought this oversize dude welcoming us looked like Uncle Bubby. I don't know if he thought we were quite as funny when we texted him the pic.]

Love Prescott. Had an excellent burger at the Iron Spur Cafe. Had a great walk around town with some great signage:

[No, I'm not obsessed with saloons. I think the bull's red eyes at Matt's might freak out a drunk @ 2AM.]

Visited the Sharlot Hall Museum area:

After Prescott we took one of the best backroads in America -- from Prescott to Jerome to Sedona to Flagstaff.
[Sedona, AZ]

Jerome, Arizona has got to be one of the most fascinating & precariously placed towns in America -- on the hillside of some old mines. Several fires destroyed the city in the early 1900's....but it prevailed all the same:

On to Flagstaff for a night and one last Triple D location: Brandy's Restaurant. Excellent food!

On the way home, and to help us finish our book on CD, we took old Route 66. A road full of history & fun signage:

Another excellent trip. Went through a box & half of SUU material [750+] & met a lot of great future T-Birds. Went through a lot of Dr. Pepper, hotel continental breakfasts & ice in the cooler.

Went through a lot of memories with my boys.

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::David and Erin:: said...

I'm sad I missed it! U of U doesn't go to this tour anymore.