Monday, June 21, 2010

Super Tall Dad's Day

Keller's Father's Day card pertaining to his Dad:

What is your Dad's name? Chad

How old is your Dad? 47 [insert belly laugh here]

How tall is your Dad? Super tall

What color are your Dad's eyes? Blue

What makes your Dad happy? Family activities, Sports

How does your Dad make you laugh? Tickles my arms

What do you and your Dad do together? Go out & play

How do you know your Dad loves you? He gives me surprises

Why do you love your Dad? Because I like him so much

Yes, if there would have been a contest at church for the ugliest Father's Day tie....he would have won hands down! I've given up on trying to find a tie Chad would love. He's an admitted/picky/fancy/dressing-up/type guy. I now let Keller help me find the UGLIEST tie we can at the Goodwill.

Chad says he had a great Father's Day. Blueberry muffins, followed by Kel actually getting up with the Primary children to sing a song during church, followed by his favorite turkey, stuffing & cranberry sauce meal, followed by a little World Cup Soccer action. We cheer loud & proud for Brazil in this family....well, maybe we get comfy on the couch with the appropriate colors & gear:

Happy Father's Day to the great Dad in our house. Happy Father's Day to our great Dads & Grandads.

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Scott and Kourt said...

that is so sweet I love the cute answers to the daddy questions