Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lake Mead with The Hughes

Last weekend we got a call from our friends, the Hughes'. When you get the call at 6PM Friday night for an 8AM Saturday Lake just do it!

We had a great time with Cody, Amy, Kenzie & Collin + Cody's parents - Cliff & Jackie who graciously brought the boat & everything you need for a successful lake trip down from Mesquite.

The beach babes: [who cares what you look like when you are having fun, right?]

Keller & Kenzie: [1 1/2 years difference in age means nothing to these two.]

Yes, they rode the tube all by themselves [at a very slow pace!]:

Enjoy it for the 5 seconds it lasted: Me, up on 2 skis: [And yes, I am getting old, because I was sore for 3 days after.]

Flag boy:
Can't thank the Hughes' enough for all the fun. This little Lake Mead trip has been going on for years. Our first venture was back in college, when Cody & Amy were just dating - 8 years ago: a whole lot of college students, dutch oven cookout & camping on the beach. Things are a bit different with kid's life vests, slow tubing & PB & J sandwiches -- but always FUN!

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The Funderburks said...

Keller & Kenzie are so cute together...

Looks like so much fun!