Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day YW Camp Fundraiser

Don't know if you know.... I work with a lot of young people.

One of my favorite jobs is with the Young Women in my ward. They crack me up & make me text 123 words a minute.

For 2 years running we have run a scrumptious fundraiser to help subsidize our summer camp costs. We take orders & make Mother's Day dinners to sell to the fathers in our ward to give Mom a day off from cooking on Mother's Day. It's a huge success...and huge undertaking! We spend a majority of our Saturday pre-Mother's Day chopping, cooking & casseroling to make it all happen.

Here's some pics from this year's event:

Not too many pics of the actual assembly line or cooking....but we did have some fun while doing it!

Looking forward to a fun summer at camp ladies!

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