Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day Festivities

Happy Mothers Day 2010

I had a GREAT Mothers Day. It all started out with my boys making me delicious blueberry muffins, some time to read the Sunday newspaper & a little nap before church.

Our ward had a great present for all the mothers: a red velvet cupcake from Mad Hatter Cupcakes. Nothing like food to make a girl happy!

My mom came over for a little dinner [a lot of enchiladads prepped with the YW the day before] and a little quality 'My Grandma' time. [That's what Kel calls her: 'My' Grandma].

My hubby got me a little gift certificate to have a mini-spa day just for me. Aahh...Sounds nice!

Earlier in the week Keller made this adorable card with my neice:

"Dear Mom, I want you to eat breakfast in bed. Love, Keller"
[Note the SUU shirt that Keller is wearing....starting his T-Bird love early!]

Keller & Chad had gone to Lowe's on Saturday for another project & came home with this cute planter trellis. Keller was so excited that he made it & picked out the pink flower for me.

What a handy man. [I love this goofy picture!]

Keller got this really fun handout / game in Primary on Sunday. It is called the Mom & Me Moment. It was this little card of instructions with a little fun size pack of M&M's stapled to it. You take turns & pick a color from the M & M bag & answer the corresponding question with the color of M & M you choose:

Some of our answers:

BLUE: What is one of your favorite things to do with me?

Keller to Grandma: Go to McDonalds.

Mom to Keller: Go to Storytime with Miss Leah at the library.

Keller to Mom: Go to CVS. [Yes, hilarious -- We are frequent Extra Care Buck shoppers at CVS!]

RED: What is something you really love about me?

Mommy to Keller: I love how polite you can be.

Keller to Mommy: I love going to the library with you & Vance. [Yes, Vance - Keller's favorite friend] you got a Mother's Day shout-out!]

My Mom was also a gem & got me a new-to-me Kitchenaid mixer. Thank you Mom!

Excellent day. Excellent surprises. Excellent company. Excellent time being a Mom.


Leslie said...

What a cute little guy! It was so fun to see you both last week.

The Funderburks said...

Ah memories! You are such a cool mom - no wonder you made out so good! I love Keller's card to you!

Kimber said...

I love it when Vance makes the posts! He is famous! Happy Mother's Day.