Monday, March 1, 2010

Serious, Chuck E.?

Had the wonderful opportunity of attending a birthday party at the infamous Chuck E. Cheese this weekend.

I had prided myself on the fact that for 3 years I had shielded myself [not necessarily my child because what 3 year old doesn't like a scary mouse, soppy pizza & carnival games galore?] from this insane palace of blinking lights & creepy characters [and not just the ones dressed in mouse costumes!].
Not so, anymore.

This was the smile plastered on the kid's face the entire night:

This was the smile & subsequent fake gun I wanted to point at my head after 23 minutes in the place:
On the positive side, my husband now holds a record for the Sure Shot Basketball Game. What a stud!
And the birthday girl -- Miss Olivia -- had a great 2nd birthday. Only for you Olivia!

Oh yeah....and the first thing out of Keller's mouth the next morning, "I sure had fun at Chuck E. Cheese. We'll have my next birthday at Chuck E. Cheese."

Keep dreamin' sweetie!

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