Monday, March 8, 2010

7 Years Together

**Warning: Cheesey factor in this blog is through the roof. You've been warned...continue as you wish:

Today Chad & I celebrate our 7th anniversary.

The obligatory wedding photo:

I think you can sum our 7 years up in a series of songs from one of our favorite country artists, Brad Paisley.

Mud On the Tires

"I've got some big news,
The bank finally came through,
And I'm holding the keys to the brand new Chevrolet.
Have you been outside?
It sure is a nice night
How 'bout a little test-drive, down by the lake?"

For our first date, Chad picked me up in his roarin' '72 red & white Chevy and after dinner we headed to Kid's Pond in Cedar Canyon for a little fishin' [with no luck] & smores. He was impressed by my skills in gathering sticks for the fire in flip-flops. I was impressed by his skill of conveniently having a sweater for me sprayed with his cologne in the back of the truck when it happened to get cool. He's still that smooth.....

Little Moments

"I know she's not perfect,
But she tries so hard for me,
And I thank God that she isn't,
'Cause how boring would that be.
It's the little imperfections,
It's the sudden change of plans,
When she misreads the directions,
And we're lost but holding hands.
Yeah, I live for little moments like that."

Chad's Graduation - May 2005

Thank goodness that I'm not perfect -- Chad would have nothing to constantly tease me about. Whenever something doesn't go exactly as planned by my doing, I usually sing the line, " 'Cause how boring would that be?" at the top of my lungs & it makes us both laugh.

Time Well Wasted

"It was time well wasted,
And there's no way I trade a few more dollars in my pocket I could've spent,
For a day I'll never forget.
No, I didn't get a thing done,
But I sure soaked up every minute of the memory we were makin'.
And I count it all as time well wasted."

Us at a Rascal Flatts concert - Summer 2005

Our favorite things we do together are random -- Saturday mornings making pancakes with Keller, what we call 'Goodwill Hunting' [going to the Goodwill to see what great deals we can find on crazy junk], stopping for a McDonald's sundae on the way home...whatever it may be. Some may say we are funny -- we think we waste our time well.

It Did

"Nine months later nearly to the day
There we were flying down the interstate
Car weaving in, car weaving out
Through traffic running every red light in town
Delivery room and the doctor comes in
I'm right beside her shes squeezing my hand
One more push and a baby cries
Sweet little angel with his mamas eyes
And I said to myself it doesn't get better than this
No, it doesnt get better than this.
But it did, it did, oh, it did. Yes, it did..."

Keller's Blessing - February 2007

And then the 2 of us became 3 of us with our little Monster. [Don't worry -- it our term of endearment for Kel!] We have so much fun with crazy Kel -- learning new things & going on adventures together.



"Now your my whole life,

Now your my whole world.

And I just can't believe the way I feel about you girl.

We'll look back someday

At this moment that we're in

And I'll look at you and say

"And, I thought I loved you then."

Fall 2009

It just keeps getting more fun! I love this boy with all my's to another 7 X 7 years together.


Sheena said...

That was WAY cute! I love, love, love it! Congrats to you both! What a great family you've made!

Autumn said...

Happy anniversary! Love all the pictures!!

AshleyS said...

You are so creative. I love this post! and I LOVE Brad Paisley. Happy anniversary. Wes has a break coming up in a couple weeks...we need to talk. :-)

Scott and Kourt said...

Why did you have to be so dang cute and cheesey? ;) I love all those songs and it brought me to tears. You guys are so cute. For some reason I thought you guys had been married longer. Chad was in my college bishopric (I went to school for 5 years) it must not have been very long becuase Scott and I will celebrate our 7th in a few months. Anyway, not that you care about that. I do want to say congratulations! you make an adorable couple and I love your blog an ability to write. have fun on your anniversary. Oh one last thing I will always remember the one wish Chad had while the RS was makignresolutions and that was to buy real expensive hangers. I hope that has come true.

SusieQ said...


k.k. chamberlain said...

Aw! Sniff! Congratulations, you two!