Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sandbox [done by my FABULOUS Husband]

Chad is WONDERFUL husband. For the past two weekends he has labored away in our backyard to make a GREAT playland/sandbox for Kel. Isn't he just MORE THAN WORDS? As you can see, Kel could not be HAPPIER and LOVE his Daddy more.
Don't you just want to kick off your shoes and bury your feet in this sand?
[By the way -- Chad suggested some blog topics: '10,000 Things I Love About My Husband' & 'Top 1,000 Reasons My Husband is Amazing'. Therefore -- you can see his specific SHOUT OUTS, hence the cheesiness....]

I really do love my & adore my husband too!


AshleyS said...

that is so awesome. when are you guys going to come down here so chad can help wes build one for hays? haha

Leslie said...

It was so fun to see you last week. Next time you come to Cedar you should come over for dinner!

Ence's said...

Way to go Chad!! Ryder would love a place like that to drive his tractors through. I will have to show this post to Mark. :)