Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Question I've Been Waiting For....


Keller finally asked me today as I told him to go upstairs to find his shoes, "Why?"

I've been dreading this day. Up until now he would occasionally ask, when he saw something he didn't know, "What does that mean?" Kinda funny take on, "What is it?" But I do believe we are into full exploration mode and will hear "Why?" more often.

My other favorite phrase the kid uses now when you try to help him with most tasks, "I such a big boy." In Keller language, "Getta outta my way -- I can do it!"


AshleyS said...

hilarious! guess i have that to look forward to in a few months, great. when are you guys coming to visit? :-) you came when i was in my last trimester with hays, so since i'm just about there maybe we should make it a tradition!

Amy said...

Ah, it's a good thing you're creative because you'll start coming up with all kinds of reasons "why". I love it.

I LOVE Kel's room. It turned out awesome. Love the stripes.