Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter

Easter '09 did not lack in activities. It's amazing & fun to see these holidays & traditions through a little person's eyes -- it makes it worth the extra work when you see their little eyes light up!

Saturday we headed to our ward's Easter breakfast & festivities. The youth were in charge of the activity and we [the YW & YM] had a great time planning and pulling it off. Great breakfast, fun face painting & activities for the kid-lins & an Easter egg hunt. Kel thought it was pretty cool!

Saturday night Grandma came over and we colored Easter eggs. Kel was amazed! The Easter bunny also left these super cool eggs with our names that magically appeared on them when put in the dye. [A great tradition from my childhood!]

When Grandma comes to spend the night she often breaks out Keller's little one-man tent and they have a 'sleepover'. Luckily -- Grandma can quickly claim the couch once he falls asleep. Keller LOVES his tent and thinks it is so fun to play in & a great place to hoard your toys & Easter treats.

Easter morning brought a little Easter egg hunt in the backyard & the obligatory Easter 'on our way to church' pictures:


Ence's said...

What a fun idea with the tent!! It looks like you guys had a great Easter. Can't wait to see all of you.

Mindy B said...

Hey Dana! I found your blog off a friend's... Keller is so stinkin' cute and growing up!! Glad you had a good Easter! Take care. Mindy & Benj