Friday, January 2, 2009

Keller's Birthday

We took a 'low-key' approach to Keller's birthday this year.

It is SO MUCH with Christmas & birthday back-to-back. I am now declaring June 26th [the half-birthday mark] to be the party day.

We took Keller's little friend, Kade, out for a McDonald's Happy Meal. [To Kel's friend Vance: We are up for another McDonalds run when you feel better]. Kel LOVES McDonalds -- anytime he sees the 'Golden Arches' he requests french fries [a child after my own heart!] Kade & Kel watched the fish, enjoyed the fries & ate cupcakes.

Chad, Kel & I then headed to ol' Cedar City to spread the Christmas joy with the Marchant clan. We had an informal gathering with pizza, cake & cousins at Steph & Dave's new house [Chad's sister & brother-in-law].

A night with all the kids + Uncle Chad equals small children being flung upside down & nearly inside out.


Jeanine said...

Love the Uncle Chad picture!! We love the Mcdonands party!! Dollar menu is where it is at!

The Ulrich Family said...

Hey Dana! Your little Keller is such a doll! Hey, I've been wondering about coming down to Vegas to go to some swap meets. Do you know which ones are the best? I figured you'd be the expert! Thanks for your help!
Feel free to e-mail me at or leave me a comment on my blog!

Lenzi said...

That looks like lots of big birthday fun!! I love that picture of him holding up the #2. Wow. He's a little heartbreaker! It was good seeing you on New Year's Eve. Maybe we should attempt the "B word" next week? :)

Paul & Ashley Justensen Family said...

What a fun Christmas and birthday. It would be hard to celebrate a birthday the day after Christmas, although I am sure Keller didn't mind! Happy 2nd birthday!