Thursday, January 8, 2009

"The A Says....."

Chad & I were sitting on the floor playing blocks in Kel's room the other day with him. Actually, playing blocks means Chad or I build a tour and Keller kicks it down and laughs the whole time.

It was time to clean up when Kel picked up a block with T on it and said, "T says ta".


Can you repeat that?

We picked up a 'G' block and said "Kel, what does a G say?"

Kel responds, "G says ga."

We went thru probably 12 - 15 letters and Kel was just spouting off what sound the letter makes.

I wish I could claim great motherhood genius skills teaching my child his letter sounds. Kel has mastered his letter sounds thanks to Leap Frog's Letter Factory DVD:

He loves it! It may drive me crazy after I've heard it for the 963rd time this week, but I can't argue with it's A+ educational value.

Don't worry, Rachel of Signing Time, he still has room in his heart!


Natalie said...

I have had tons of people tell me about this dvd. I need to get it!

Rachel Coleman said...

I will TRY to stop crying... I will try ;)

Herzog Family said...

Prescott watched this video a couple times and got all the letters/sounds. It is a GREAT video, I recommended it to all of my kindergarten parents. Good job Keller!

Cameron and Nonie Gay said...

The best DVD ever! That is, if you want a really easy way to teach your kids their letters. When I heard a friends two-year-old point to an A and say its name I went out and bought it for my kids. It's probably time to pull it out for James now that Hannah's in school and has it figured out. sigh

Jason and Andrea Wilcock said...

We LOVE it too! It is a GREAT DVD. You should try "Leap Frog Learn to Read at the Storybook Factory" it is a must have too...

I feel your pain with the computer issues. We are still having problems, but luckily I have been able to retrieve most our files.


Jeanine said...

That is so cool! It is so awesome when you watch them catch on to a new concept. He is so stinking cute. You better watch him closely. I've got to save this information to get it for Sadie. Now if they only have one entitled "Leap Frog Teach Sadie to Talk and Not Just Grin and Smile DVD" let me know.

The Hughes' said...

WOW! I've heard that is a great tool to teach kids.

That Keller...he's just so smart!