Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Keller Has Taken Up Smoking

We really shouldn’t be surprised -- Chad was about 2 was when he took up smoking.

The doctors have not confirmed that Kel has asthma, but with 2 cases of croop in 6 months and a cold that he has had for the past few days really giving him a hard time breathing - we are calling it that ourselves. [Chad has had asthma since he was little so we kind of expected it.]

Yesterday we took him into see his pediatrician [Who we LOVE! She stayed an extra hour after closing to make sure he was OK and didn't send us directly to the hospital]. She gave him a couple of breathing treatments in the office and sent us home with our own breathing machine. Yeah! No more midnight ER runs.

At first, Kel fought the breathing treatments with all the energy that his sick little body could muster up. But, when he finally gave up from exhaustion, he decided that it wasn’t so bad. He likes to watch the smoke coming out of the top.

Last night we had to get him up every couple of hours to give him breathing treatments. Today he has been back to his normal self. [That would be 'dunking' basketballs in his Little Tikes Basketball hoop and hopping around to 'Signing Time'.]

Don't be offended when my child needs to 'smoke'.


Cameron and Nonie Gay said...

Totally feelin' for ya. When James got his first little asthma moment at 6 months we just bought the dang nebulizer and now we use it with all my kids. We don't leave town without it. Serioulsy. We even have a converter so we can plug it into our car when we travel, but it's so nice when they can breath again after just a few minutes. Best of luck, they eventually do it all by themselves, it's awesome! :)

kalie and kevin chamberlain said...

Sad little man. What a trooper!

The Hughes' said...

Oh man! Poor little Kel. At least Chad knows what he's going through. That's gotta be tough on you guys...midnight treatments and all.

I love your interpretation...smoking...you crack me up D!

Hali said...

Poor little guy. Glad the breathing treatments help... been there done that! Good luck