Friday, November 23, 2007

Turkey Bowl 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is how the Turkey Bowl turned out:

Keller wins! [But I think Daddy had a lot of fun too!]

We are in Cedar City for the Thanksgiving festivities. We had a great meal at the Marchant's with a majority of the Marchant crew. Thanks for the great food and best company! We awoke this morning to that nasty white stuff on the ground -- snow. We were quickly reminded why we love Las Vegas weather as we were brushing off cars and shoveling walkways. Bring on the 70's in November!


Lenzi Woodbury said...

Isn't the whole "white winter" better when you're not actually living in it!?!? I find that I miss it until I'm in it freezing, scraping off the car, getting covered in it, then ending up soaking wet in the car that is still trying to heat up! LV is still pretty warm!! Come back soon!

Ence's said...

How fun. Mark can't wait until he can wrestle Ryder.