Thursday, July 12, 2007

Being Roughed Up & California

We are joining the craze of blogging....Watch out world! It's a hot summer in Las Vegas and we are trying to stay cool. Keller is turning into quite a baby boy....very inquisitive and wants to be right in the middle of whatever we are doing. He has almost mastered sitting up and has two cute teeth. He loves playing with Dad as you can see from the picture. The rougher Dad is -- the funnier Kel thinks it is!

The first week of July we packed up and took a trip to Southern California to visit Uncle Mark, Aunt Sheila & Matthew. We had a great time and spent a FABULOUS day at Huntington Beach. Guess what? We really do have a beach baby! He had a great time -- except when Mom & Dad missed the big wave that pummeled all 3 of us. The ocean was not his friend for a few minutes after that.

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