Friday, October 2, 2015

Labor Day in Wacky Waco

We spent Labor Day Saturday in Waco, Texas.

Q: Why in the world Waco?

A: We wanted to see our friends from Dallas, the Wallis'. We did not want to fight traffic all weekend. We determined that halfway from Austin & Dallas is - WACO. 

We built up a list of solid adventures to keep us occupied for the day.

1st Stop: Baylor University
A real gem in Waco. A private Baptist university with beautiful grounds,  2 real bears on-campus (Baylor Bears) & a new business building that is breathtaking:

New Business Building

The Baylor Welcome Center had a fun photo booth ... with props. 
Brother & sister shenanigans caught on film.
 Next Stop: Lunch @ Vitek BBQ

Cultural Stop: Dr. Pepper Museum

Lauren finally gave up with Kit as a pillow.
 Last Stop: Magnolia Market - from HGTV's Fixer Upper. 
(Apparently we missed a visit from Former First Lady Laura Bush & Chip & Joanna Gaines - stars of the show - by just a few hours!)

I'm loving all the old county courthouses found here in Texas:
McLennan County Courthouse

Bell County Courthouse in Belton, Texas 

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