Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tales from the Spring Travel Season

It was a VERY busy Spring Travel Season. 
You see, as a College Admission Calendar you follow a very distinct schedule of seasons: Fall Travel [say goodbye to all friendships & relationships from Sept 1 - Nov 1 ; You get the pleasure of Marriott & Nature Valley granola bars on your college fair table], Reading Season [lock yourself in, pony up to the desk & read files for 12 hours/day] & then Spring Travel [you get away from your desk but reaffirm your relationship with Enterprise rentals].

Just a few of the highlights from Spring '14: 
Got to travel with my boss, Doug, up & down the Golden State hosting 4 Admitted Student Dinners. Great success!

Visited Stanford's A M A Z I N G campus. 
Keller Marchant, Class of 2031

Visited UD's campus in April for an Admitted Student Day. Blue & Gold!

Also took a sweep through Northern California & saw many sites from Napa to San Jose. Got to spend a few hours in Muirwoods National Monument:

Meet Mr. Banana Slug

Also got an hour to visit San Francisco's City Hall:

My unique job.

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