Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tales from Reading Season

1, 395.

That is the number of applications/files I have read over the last 3 months for the University of Delaware for students applying for admission.

It was intense. It was draining. It was a feat squeezing it all in. It was morning reading @ 5AM & late nights until 11PM. 

I read inspiring essays & learned about students doing more in their first 18 years than I have done in my life. 

After that many essays, my top DOs & DON'Ts:

*Don't quote the Miriam Webster Dictionary more than once in an essay.
*Don't drop the 'F' word in your essay.
*Don't quote Kenny Chesney, Bon Jovi, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson or Nickelback.
*No hashtags necessary.
*Send me a thought-provoking question & answer it to inspire me to look at a situation from a new perspective.
*Share a snapshot of your life. Don't send me your life story.
*Do proof-read

I'll leave my laugh-out-loud moments to share with you in person....

I also have had a bit of travel through January & February. 

This is the remnants of a girl fight [really just a lot of slapping & hair pulling] that happened near my table at a college fair.

This would be the main gathering room of The Grauer School in San Diego - AKA surfboard & scuba gear storage. Because didn't you take surf lessons as part of your high school curriculum?

That's me. Leading some really talented, well-to-do parents thru a Case Study:

I also embarked on our RACC [Regional Admissions Counselors of California] Northern California Counselor Appreciation Week in January. 45 recruiters hosting a series of breakfast & lunch programs -- getting caught in traffic -- making each other laugh -- putting on our best smiles after 12 hour days.
Sunrise in Palo Alto, CA. Why not have a college fair @ 6AM?

My colleagues: Ed [Lafayette], Julio [Miami] & Ariana [Franklin - Switzerland]

Tracee [Christian Brothers] & Amanda [William Woods]
Sometimes we color to keep ourselves sane after hearing the same presentation 45 times.
Just wishing I could see more of San Fran than just traffic.

Case Study @ Dougherty Valley High School

Great crowd at Cardinal Newman High School

Great gift at Cardinal Newman High School. ;)

Unofficial RACC Stripe Day
Mandy [Wyoming], Me, Liz [Samford], Christina [Oregon State]

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