Sunday, December 1, 2013

Viper Attack

Soccer season kicked off again Fall '13. 
This was Keller's 3rd season playing & he was super excited for one thing: GOALIE.

He was matched up with another phenomenal team with Coach Avery & our very own Coach Chad.

Chad is a huge soccer fan & played all thru high school & a little thru college. A famous Kasey Keller was the US soccer goalie thru Chad's years. Chad always loved the name Keller. Now, our Keller is not named specifically for Kasey Keller, but that is where Chad first heard the name. Chad wanted to carry on the legend so he special-ordered this goalie jersey with the original Kasey Keller's number:

Keller was a great goalie - probably the only dedicated goalie in his league. He & Chad would go have specific goalie workouts & talk thru the shots. He only allowed a couple goals the entire season.

And it was another victorious season. The Vipers attacked  - WON every game this season [tied 1 game] including every game during the PQ Cup. Unfortunately, the final PQ Cup Championship Game was on Sunday therefore Chad & Keller didn't participate. [Super hard decision!]

Here's the winning team with their trophies:
Notice the photo bomb by the dog.

Post game dog-pile:

It was a joy seeing these 2 on the field together. Chad may have even had more fun than all his boys combined. Many parents commented to me that Chad was a great coach - really teaching the boys the fundamentals & positions of the game in a caring way - no yelling or getting mad at them. 

Great season of soccer Vipers!

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