Friday, August 23, 2013

Oh The Places You'll Go

Dear Next Stake President / Bishop: 

I have been to YW Camp for 5 years as a Young Woman & now 8 years as a leader. I love the girls, late night sleeping bag conversation & camp junk food. I don't love that dumb 'Mormon Boy' camp song, the endless deluge of Jenny Phillips songs & the months of deliberating, planning & the mad dash the week before camp. Can't the nursery use my mad dance party skills now?

Sister Marchant

Actually -- I can't complain. This year's PQ Stake YW Camp had no major issues + a ton of fun new activities. We were at our brand new camp - Wildwood Ranch just outside of Ramona, CA this year. The LDS Church just purchased the property a few months ago to use strictly as a YW Camp....and it basically ROCKS....swimming pool, air conditioning, grass, zip line, ropes course... You could call it the Marriott of Girl's Camp. 

We added a Moonlight Hike @ Mt. Woodson [every YW made it up a steep 2 mile climb & we watched the moon rise over the horizon], a pool party complete with tropical refreshments & pool games & a surprise video shout-out from the YM & dance party. 

In my full 'let's keep on schedule' mode....

The wonderful ladies I get to work with...and laugh with.... - Tennille & Lorraine

Pool Party -  A little mocktail action [Can you call them 'mock'tails at YW Camp?]

Now -- We [Tennille & I] do have a bit of a prank war going with a few of the older Youth Camp Leaders. One night we found them 'redecorating' our room. They locked themselves in our bathroom with nowhere to go until we coaxed them out & sent them on their way.

Much later that night, Lorraine turned on her iPad & found 107 pictures of our little pranksters:
My little pranksters also feel the need to steal a Dr. Pepper or two each year from my stash & tease me:

Chad & I lovingly traced this Grinch one night pre-camp.
The YW could write a note on a heart when they saw someone do a kind act at camp.
Our theme was Dr. Seusss' 'Oh The Places You'll Go' tying in with the 2013 Youth Theme from D & C 87:8 'Stand in holy places & be not moved'. It was a fabulous theme to use with the bright colors, many Dr. Seuss books & crazy characters.

Because we all want to go to Utah/Idaho? :)

What a beautiful, worn out, sunburned, 'we all survived & thrived' at another year of PQ Stake YW Camp picture:

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