Friday, May 17, 2013

Spring 2013 Photos

Presenting our Spring '13...
In total random chaos...
A bit like our life the last few weeks surviving Chad's projects & finals, 
a crazy few weeks of SUU work & travel
& Kel's school & baseball life:

Made my yearly batch of over-sugared strawberry freezer jam. It's a household favorite:

Keller's rockin' Spinning Fireballs baseball team:

Found my ol' good friend Katie Jo from USU at a college fair in Orange County. Made me happy!

 Keller was the 'Super Kid' in kindergarten this week. I loved that his classmates said ' 'He follows the Golden Rule'; 'He reads chapter books' & 'He is a kind person & he recycles'.

Finally got to a Padres game with a sweet score of tickets from Chad's supervisor with one of his internships:

I ran the PQ Community Family 5K. Yes, me the girl who doesn't have an athletic bone. It's always been on my 'to do list'. I had half-attempted before but this time GOT IT DONE.

Took a trip to southern Utah with Kel & my Mom. Stayed a night in Kanab at my Grandpa's. Forget how that red rock just speaks to me.

This was my week at work at SUU for our annual May Planning Retreat. It's lots of talking & hashing out for 3 - 4 days. No blood was shed this year - and we even liked each other at the end of the week.

Mustache Kel:

 Went to a fun 30th Surpirse Birthday Bash for these lovely twins. Held at a fun bowling place in Anaheim in our own private lanes & party room. Ash [right] keeps me laughing & has for years! 

Accompanied the crazy kindergarten class to the San Diego Zoo:

As you can see - Very into peace sign/bunny ears:

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