Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Eggstravaganza

Happy Easter.

We dyed Easter eggs:

Keller left a note + carrots for the Easter bunny:
Dear Easter Bunny: Here are some carrots to snack on. Have a safe trip. From Keller.

Pretty please give me a chocolate bunny and I will give you $3.
He wrote out the 2nd note negotiating for the chocolate bunny and the Easter Bunny surprised him by leaving a chocolate bunny + $3. Keller is always negotiating. 

We hunted for eggs at the crack of dawn:

We spiffed it up for church:

We had a F A B U L O U S dinner @ the Spencer's:

The kids hunted for more eggs in the backyard:

And we set up our own Peep Wars. Yes, Peep Wars. Ever heard of Peep Wars? You line up 2 peeps, stick a toothpick in them as their sword and microwave the crap out of them to see which Peep implodes first or takes the brunt of the fighting. We found Mr. Yellow Chick Peep to be the winner of our March Madness: Peep Wars Edition. Keller was his proud owner.

Lastly, Keller had had a loose tooth for about a week. He had been whining about it and we kept threatening to pull it out. He would not let ANYONE touch it but Weston, aka Dr. Spencer. What other child has their dentist remove their 1st tooth in a private house call? We are lucky!

So it ended up being the Easter Bunny & Tooth Fairy visiting our house the same day.... 

Happy Easter.

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