Sunday, August 12, 2012

Beachin' It

We are not much of a 'camping' family. 

When Chad was growing up he didn't camp. His Dad's idea of camping was to attend the Fathers & Sons Campout for dinner, fire & smores & then head home to sleep in their own beds to then get up the next morning to return for pancakes. 

I spent most of my summers growing up at my grandparent's cabin in the Uintah Mountains of Wyoming...outdoors but not too much 'camping'. 

Alas -- I want to try lots & lots of adventures with Keller & our little family. Therefore -- We booked a camp site in South Carlsbad back in February for our latest adventure. This was a plan that Kimmy & I put together since she is a camping extraordinaire & loves the beach. She drove out the tents & camping supplies & came along for the adventure.

Trusty So. Carlsbad Site #72: Only neighbors on one side with a clear view of the Pacific:

Custom S'Mores: My favorite included graham, toasted coconut marshmallow + fresh banana:

Besides the s'mores & peach cobbler -- our outdoor meals were a bit pitiful. I had planned the whole menu around using the firepit + tinfoil. Tinfoil dinners on the first night took an hour to cook with crummy charcoals & wood:

Then for breakfast I saw this great idea to cook refrigerator cinnamon rolls in a hollowed-out orange wrapped in foil. Fail! Tasted like the nasty smoked wood:
On the second night we threw in the towel & went and grabbed pizza [Kel], sandwich [Kimmy] & a burrito [Chad & I]. Who needs the wilderness when you have drive-thru?

 We took a few activities to do. We did a scavenger hunt, tried some water balloon games & Kel's favorite soda + Mentos experiment:

But the beach did take most of our time. Keller rode that boogie board for HOURS:

We loved watching the surfers from our campsite:

Chad's phone has an amazing panorama feature:

 Maybe camping isn't so horrible.


Sheena said...

That looks like super fun camping! Being so close to the beach and all! Those smores are making my mouth water...coconut and banana! Yes please!

lynsey said...

now THAT'S my kind of camping! looks amazing!!

::David and Erin:: said...

I am not a camper either, but I love that you made the effort to cook outdoors and be all rugged. I would have sprung for drive through too!