Sunday, July 29, 2012

Penasquitos Stake Girls Camp 2012

I currently serve as the Stake Assistant Camp Director. I rec'd this call last September & remember walking out of our first meeting & hearing my first Christmas song on the radio. It's been a L O N G haul getting ready for 4 days in the San Jacinto Mountains of California.

Our theme for camp was 'Angels Among Us'. We bucked the system & even used the ol' classic Alabama song for the girls to sing. We made halos & wings. We successfully came up with angel terms for our entire schedule: Angel Dive [Swimming] ; Angel Acts [Camp Chores] ; Angel Congregation [YCL Devotionals] ; Angels at Play [Group Games].....We made mason jar lanterns for our Angelic Voices Unite [formerly Singing in the Trees]. 

Our PQ Stake 'camps' at Camp Buckhorn near Idyllwild, California. I say 'camp' because we have access to a swimming pool, flushing toilets, decent showers & a full-size industrial kitchen. It's pretty swanky compared to what I'm used to. 

Check out these angel wings my co-leader/best-friend-to-raise-trouble-at-camp-with - Tennille -  made.
Even the Biebs was considered angelic.....
My favorite friends & camp leaders: Lorraine Hansen, me & Tennille Upham
Largest game of musical chairs EVER
Beautiful views from Camp Buckhorn - Idyllwild, California

This is a total joke. We always ate at the end of the food line -- making sure everyone else was fed first. We never had the chance to eat with a fork because they were all used by the time we showed up.
We loved our spoons.

Water Games were a HIT!

I was asked to give the 'Destiny' talk which is a pretty big event & tradition at this camp. It is a short talk given right before the girls go off for their solo time -- a time to read scriptures, ponder their divine worth & pray. I felt the pressure. Luckily -- after months of thought it came together. I was very touched by the girls reception of my thoughts -- I had mentioned at one point that I may not be a size 2 or drive a fancy car or be able to play the piano...but I have other qualities that I think are great. One of the YW came up to me after and said, "I'm not a size 2 either -- Thanks for making me feel special." 
WOW -- Tears came to my eyes. 

A great 4 days retreating with these ladies.

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