Sunday, April 8, 2012


Easter 2012 spent at home in San Diego. 

We planted magic jelly beans which the Easter Bunny turned into awesome candy. [NOTE: After picture was taken at 6:30AM. Do you know the Easter Bunn'ies' had to set an alarm & hop out of bed at 5:30AM to hide the sugary goodness? The Easter Bunn'ies' needed some of that sugar about 10AM.]

The dyed Easter eggs where our names magically appear:
 [That dang bunny got confused & made Daddy's a San Diego Padres logo]

Showing off his 'new clean white kicks'

Showing off his new green watch
Rounded the day out with church, a great dinner, chocolate overload & re-hiding Easter eggs.

Thanks to the Bunny.

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The Funderburks said...

Love that top egg pic! Keller looks TOOOO grown up!