Sunday, April 8, 2012

Free Ride

Last Saturday was a classic Marchant Saturday.

We wake up and decide it's a garage sale/out-of-the-house kindof day. The anticipation .... the hunting .... the gamble..... to know if you'll find your latest obsession or some dude selling a meat grinder.  You never know. 

First, we stopped at a local farmers market:

Picked up some great produce, toasted coconut & will be going back to hunt for more wonders like ChurroWorld.

Next, the hunting began, we scored:
* A large army duffle bag to hold the 5-year old many sports wonders for $1
* A newer-striped cardigan for me for $1
*Some new sports decor for the sports fanatics room for $2
*Remnant fabric for a future project for $1

But the big kill of the day came in all of these 3 items we scored for FREE:

The record player/Dana's summer project came from the end of a garage sale. The basketball hoop & piano came from a moving neighbor who, in broken English, told us if we would move the goods across the street they were ours. 

The day rounded out by playing some baseball at a park & a stop by a neighborhood taco shop. 

Good day in the Marchant-land.


Danielle said...

you scored big time!!I have been on the hunt for a piano and FREE?! Good job!

Natalie said...

Seriously? A FREE piano?? You must be being righteous! Been thinking about you lots friend. What with my dream trip you took to China, the re-release of Titanic, and I watched the Donny Osmond Joseph last night. Someone I know here is actually in it! But my girls weren't as excited to watch it with me and they thought I was weird. Maybe in heaven we can have days to hang with our buds. Miss you.