Sunday, March 25, 2012

Final Thoughts on China

*A smile can still go a long way – even if I don’t understand a word you just said. 

*You can really cling to other US recruiters on this trip. Some of these recruiters have visited China several times – others are here for the first time just like us. We’ve made some great connections and shared lots of funny stories.
My new friend, A* from ASU
*College fair rules don’t apply in China: One wine school from France was serving wine.  Everyone gives out tote bags. There is a stuffed panda walking around the fair. There is a school from Spain who has dressed up 2 Chinese students in traditional Spanish garb & they walk around the fair with a sign. Knock-off Minnie Mouse was outside the fair. 

A random group of students all dressed up at the Shanghai College Fair

Booth space is relative – You can go into the aisles whenever you want. One thing I have still noticed: If you have someone at your table – someone else will come. If you have no one at your table – it’s hard to draw the crowds. Just like a US college fair.

*The best word to describe Chinese people: ENTERPRISING! Everyone seems to be involved in 2 - 3 businesses at a time. They are finding a way to make money at every turn. We received stacks & stacks of business cards & flyers at the college fairs for people wanting our printing business, willing to deliver food to us or to set up technology in our booth. 

*It’s fun to see the Chinese girls walking arm in arm talking in the streets. Bailu did this with Nicole.

*Communism makes the people dependent on government – not God.
Yuen or RMB - Chinese money

*Constant, constant stimulation. After 10 days of being there I got good at zoning it out. It’s just fighting, fighting, fighting to get your message noticed. OVERLOAD!

*I missed: MY BOYS, feeling the sunshine on my face, Dr. Pepper, greasy food, cheese, tortilla chips, good sleep, cold water, WiFi at every corner, watching TV, reading blogs, Facebook

Going to China was an amazing experience. Many thanks to SUU allowing me the opportunity. Thanks to my friend Nicole for letting me be her 'travel companion'. Thanks to my husband & my Mom for covering my duties on the homefront. 

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