Monday, December 12, 2011

Mrs. Claus

While attending the Ol' Poway Christmas Festival & waiting to see Santa [Keller flashed me his pathetic eyes which led to a 1 hour wait in the cold to see the big red guy], the following conversation took place:

Chad: 'Keller, do you think Mrs. Claus has a nice cup of hot chocolate ready for Santa when he comes home from delivering Christmas presents?"

Keller: 'Probably.'

Chad: 'What does Mrs. Claus do while Santa is gone?'

Keller: 'She stays home to keep the place clean & tidy.'

The guy behind us line busted out laughing.

Crap. Gender sterotypes continue.....

1 comment:

kalie said...

A really good time to remind him what a great team they make! Someone has to tidy up or Big Red won't be able to find his suit on Christmas Eve.