Tuesday, December 27, 2011


5 Events on Keller's 5th Birthday: 
1: Keller was greeted into his 5th year by balloons surrounding his bed & streamers hanging on his bedroom door -- mostly in his favorite color - G R E E N

2: We loaded the car for the trip to Cedar City to visit family for post-Christmas festivities. Luckily - the stop in Vegas was just under 5 hours.

3. We surprised Kel by picking up his best Las Vegas friend - Vance  & going to lunch at Kel's favorite Robertos Taco Shop. Went all out on the birthday cake...totally under 5 calories. [Thank you Zingers-packaged-chocolate-goodness & stashed candles & matches from my purse.]

4. Birthday Bash @ the Marchant's. Keller requested a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting with chocolate chips -- Grandma obliged. 

Notice Grandma trying to get us to sing on-pitch & on-pace...what ensued was 5 seconds of America's Funniest Home Video hilarious.

 5. High Five for Presents
Keller scored a San Diego Padres hat, Wii game, books & a fun FlashPad game that is ultra addictive for adult & child alike.

Keller also received an AWESOME handmade gumball machine from Uncle Kirk. Kirk is AMAZINGLY talented when it comes to woodwork & we were floored by the craftmanship. Kirk proclaimed he needed to finalize his favorite uncle status.....

5 Hilarious Things about 5 Year Old Keller:
1. He's still an early riser. Wants to be on-the-go every waking moment & is constantly asking what we are doing in the next minute, hour & weekend. In contrast, as soon as we are out running errands he is asking when we can go home. He loves home.

2. He's just under 4 feet & just over 50 lbs. That places him in the 95% for weight & 99% for height. He's gonna be H U G E. He's reading like a champ & has started to master addition. 

3. With some things he is a bit obsessive -- like washing his hands. He washes his hand after every meals, snack or morsel he eats; after every project...after everything. He still is obsessive about having his Baby Bear with him at night. He's also becoming a bit obsessed with time [not getting the full concept of how long an hour is, etc.] but loves to tell us exactly what time it is at any moment. He scored a cool Cars watch for Christmas.

4. Loves sports. Loves sports. Loves football. Loves NFL Mobile on Chad's phone. 

5. Makes up rhymes that don't make sense -- jokes that aren't funny -- knock - knock jokes that are crazy. He loves to listen to the radio in the car & will hear a song once & can repeat back the lyrics the next time it's on [as you can imagine, our music selection is being whittled down....].

5 Favorites of Keller:
1. Favorite Food: Cheeseburgers
2. Favorite Thing to Do: Go outside & play baseball in the backyard with Dad
3. Favorite Show to Watch: Good Luck Charlie
4. Favorite Thing to Be When He Grows Up: Football player
5. Favorite Sport / Favorite Team: Football / Philadelphia Eagles

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