Monday, September 5, 2011

Blue Sharks

We've entered a new world.....A child in sports.
Keller is playing soccer in the Rancho Penasquitos U-6 [under 6 -- it's all like a new language to me] League. He was 'drafted' onto a great team with some very skilled 5 year olds.

He is loving it. See the smile.

He's loving it so much that he nearly skips & dances around the field. He just runs & chases all the other kids & the ball. He's a bit of a goof. Chad has since taught him to put on his 'game face'. Example:
Kel's team is the Blue Sharks. Lookin' pretty brutal in his uniform, eh?

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kalie said...

Hi Dana! I love following your *adventures* even though I don't comment very often. These are awesome pictures! I am glad you are settling in in Cali and that your neighbors seem nice.