Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just Dance on Your Birthday

Had a small little get together for turning another year older....and hopefully wiser....

Kimmy & Amy, Cody, Kenz, Collin & Will & my Mom joined in the festivies at our house. The traditional birthday banner was hung. We had food & an excellent icecream birthday cake.

Keller decorated the wrapping on my birthday present:

My birthday present: Just Dance for the Wii. And Just Dance we did! The kids really tore it up. But, the winner of the dance off -- none other than Cody! Dr. Hughes really kicked trash with the New Kids on the Block number.

My other present from my craftastic husband -- an SUU shirt quilt. I love it! We have talked about it FOR YEARS but with some help from our friend Lenzi -- it became a great birthday present.

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