Wednesday, July 27, 2011

End of an Era

"What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make
a beginning. The end is where we start from."
T S Eliot

End of an era....

From Viva Las Vegas......
To the shores of San Diego.....

About a year ago, life's curious way of kicking you, kicked our little family quite swiftly & a plan was set in motion. We had NO clue when we started exploring our options that this is where it would lead us months later.

Chad has been accepted into a Ph.D. program at Alliant University through the California School of Professional Psychology. He has chosen the San Diego campus to complete his program. He will be earning a degree in Organizational Psychology / Consulting. In simple terms -- putting psychology methods back into the business world -- making sure you have the right people, leadership & training in place to make your business successful.

Coming out of college Chad took a position with the Leavitt Insurance Agency here in Las Vegas. Great choice at the time & got us to this city we've loved. We made great friends & great connections while there. Just before the economy really plummeted, he made antoher great choice by joining Dale Carnegie Training. He loved what he learned & it was that position which set us on this path. Chad is great on his feet & makes a great corporate trainer. After a few years with Dale Carnegie & a clear message that the economy wasn't going to improve quickly in LV, NV, we started weighing our options.

Amazing that once we made some initial decisions -- the path seemed pretty clear -- not always easy, but clear. I'll never forget the day Chad went to take the GRE & while gone they put a 'For Sale' sign in our front yard. I cried. I cried even harder when he did well on the test & reality started to set in that we were headed in a new direction. Back to school we go! Chad has always wanted to work towards a graduate degree. He found a program that fit exactly who he is & what his skills are. Great location too.... I will trade 107 degree heat for the waves of the ocean anyday! [It's a bit sentimental to me too that our new adventure will begin near the very place that Chad proposed to me....]

We will certainly miss our adventures in crazy Las Vegas. Who wouldn't miss Roberto's Tacos & Luv-It Frozen Custard? Who wouldn't miss escaping down to the Strip to feel like you are a world away? I can tell you where every high school is located in Las Vegas. [Consider a consequence of being a college recruiter.] Chad can tell you every back entrance on the Las Vegas Strip by his limo driving days. We can tell you the best places to eat, explore or find a deal. [We frequented 1/2 off Saturdays @ the Goodwill a few years back!]

We have made some amazing friends. We've served to the best of our ability in our church callings & been led by some spiritual giants. We've watched fireworks over the Strip & served dinner to the homeless downtown. We added Keller to the mix & bought our first home.

This has been a wonderful chapter of our lives & know our friendships will continue beyond state borders.

Wish us luck on the newest adventure......


Alli Waldron said...

First off I love the way you wrote this post. You tell your story perfectly.

Secondly (and more importantly) - we will miss you and good luck with your adventures in San Diego. I am sure you will all do great!

AshleyS said...

i couldn't be more happy about this! we will live an hour away, hooray!

jeanine said...

SOO excited for you guys! San Diego is sooo awesome! We went there a few weeks ago for our first time and LOVED it! Congrats to Chad!

The Funderburks said...

Bon voyage, dears. I have mixed emotions: sad about you being further away but excited for your new adventure.

LOVE the SUU quilt. What a good gift-giving-husband you have.

I gotta check out this secret pizza place at the Cosmopolitan. It looks like a little piece of NYC.

kalie said...

Ah! Grad school.... So fun and exciting to have new adventures, but so sad to leave friends behind. Good luck, and don't stop posting. :)