Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Memorial Day Marchant Memories

Memorial Day Weekend was spent with the Marchant Mayhem clan in Cedar City. We weren't able to arrive for the festivities until later Sunday afternoon due to Chad's crazy work schedule.

The cousins loved used Uncle Chad as a jungle gym:

Love the look of terror on B*'s face. It was often followed by squeals of delight when she landed back on the ground:Monday morning we had our traditional pancake breakfast with Papa Marchant on the grill.

Then, it was that dreaded time in every family's life.

The moment that calls for bribing, kicking, endless shouts of 'cheese' & terror:


Since I joined the family 8 years ago -- We haven't had a good picture of ALL of us. We set out on this difficult task.

But...there is always that ONE kid that won't smile. That screams & cries. This day, it was MY kid:

The rest of the family sure looked great with smiles plastered on their faces. My child....made the perfect impression of Gru from Despicable Me with his hunched shoulders & long face. Gratefully, we all just laughed & laughed at him. What a memory!

Papa Marchant had requested the SUU t-shirts. There are several of us Marchant's who are die-hard SUU fans. [And a few that tried to sneak a BYU shirt in...really? Hehe!]

*There are some official Marchant family shots of ALL of us coming in the next few weeks.

In the mean time, I sure liked these outtakes:

The original Marchant family:

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