Thursday, April 28, 2011

Best Dressed for Easter

Easter festivities landed The Monster his first vest-combo for church. Pretty dashing young lad, eh?

It was always an Easter tradition growing up that the eggs we dyed in our house were magical because our names always magically appeared as we dropped them in the dye. The tradition has continued in our house.

We did participate in an Easter egg hunt sponsored by our ward's playgroup:
Keller & Owen

We also attended a hilarious Easter egg hunt on Saturday. This new age church rents out a high school football stadium & covers the field with over 10,000 eggs, divided into age groups. My sis-in-law has been taking their family for a few years so we tagged along. Apparently the church sponsors quite a 'Come to Jesus' hallelujah/program before the kids are released. I was running with a wild schedule that morning & missed the whooping & hollering. Nonetheless, Kel must have felt spiritually saved because he cleaned up at the hunt. Actually 3 minutes into the hunt & 2 baskets full...he looked at me & said, "Mom, I'm done". Field was still covered.... but he had his fill.

Grandma & Kel treated the Easter Bunny like royalty this year & left him fancy organic carrots...[Because common carrots don't have tops like that anymore!]

The Easter Bunny comes super early to our house with a 8AM time slot. Up & hunting eggs @ 6AM....Very few usable pics due to the early hour. Needless to say, The Monster scored with an entire basketful of candy, trinkets from Grandma & a new fishing Wii game from Papa D.

Now the Cadbury eggs have been devoured & I must wait another 300+ days until more....

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Jen said...

I loooooooove that picture of Keller and Owen!