Monday, March 28, 2011


We headed out for California on Wednesday, March 23rd. We told Keller that I had to go do some SUU work in Southern California & that he & Chad were coming to help. When he asked where we were going, I responded, "Anaheim". He responded, "That's where Disneyland is." I brushed it off. He's way too smart for his own good!

We arrived at our hotel -- my Dad & stepmom just a few minutes in front of us. We had adjoining rooms so as we were exploring our room we just happened to knock on the door to the adjoining room. Keller was pleasantly surprised to find Papa D & Grandma C. He had no clue they would be there.

So -- Kel still has no idea what the whole shin-dig is about. I was hoping for one of those moments that have been captured on the Disneyland commercials as of late. You know - squeals of delight, jumping up & down, etc. As we settled in to chat, my Dad starting asking Keller what he thought we should do for the next few days. My Dad then told Kel that we would be spending the next 3 days in Disneyland. Keller was floored & laughed & laughed. [We have video of the event, but are having a hard time downloading....]

This was the scene at 5:57AM the next morning:
Kel could not understand why Disneyland did not open that early.

The obligatory 'We are at Disneyland' photo op:
*Note an excited Keller & happy grandparents.

We were welcomed in style:
Keller has always been fascinated with maps. He was so intrigued with the D*Land map that he made a pit stop on Main Street to figure it all out: Our first ride was Pirates of the Carribean. Maybe not the smartest move on a parent's part. Keller hid his eyes the entire time & huddled close. BUT, as we got to the end of the ride, he shouted loud enough for all to hear, "I loved it! Let's go again!" He said at the end of the 3 days that Pirates was still his favorite ride. Cute boy in cute mouse ears:

We were very impressed that Disney brings in a special guard everyday to lower the flag followed by several patriotic musical numbers. All American Main Street - love it!

Day 2:

We encounter rain. The boy from Vegas, who never sees rain, is jumping up & down in puddles:

Minnie's Breakfast -- One of the best events we attended:

California Adventure:

We also got to see The World of Color. Totally amazing! [These pics do it no justice...]

This cute face talked Papa D into a few treats:

Day 3:
Back to Disneyland. We had waited the entire trip to find Kel's favorite - Buzz Lightyear. Finally, on Day 3, we found him hidden in Tomorrowland.

The Sword & the Stone alludes this prince:

We had an absolute blast. We discovered the goodness of the Disneyland corndog. We fell in love with the FastPass system. We got a good dose of people watching done from the comfort of a porch on Main Street USA.

We were tired:

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