Sunday, December 26, 2010

Keller 4.0

This Monster turned 4 today.

No -- I promise that I won't make this a chees-o-riffic post about how I wish to rock him to sleep again ...yadda...yadda...yadda.. [I admit: I still do like an occasional snuggle].

This kid constantly amazes us & makes us bust out laughing nearly every day:

*Keller & Grandma have a montly tradition. When the moon is full, they celebrate Mr. Moon's birthday by having a cupcake, blowing out a candle & singing 'Happy Birthday' to the moon. On the way home from looking at Christmas lights the other night Kel looked out the car window and saw the full moon & shouted, "Happy Birthday Mr. Moon. Glad you share a birthday with me & Jesus."

*He's starting using the words precisely & exactly. 'Yes, Mom, a PB & J is precisely what I wanted for lunch.'

*Still lives for sports & competition. Has to ask Chad every morning who won the football game, basketball game, etc. in the morning. The other day, once he found out the score, said to Chad, "Dad -- You gotta post that score on Facebook."

*Still wakes up at the crack of dawn. The last few weeks he has mastered the art of turning on PBS & using his stool to reach his cereal & get himself breakfast. Auto Tune on the satelite is a wonderful tool.

*Kid has a masterful vocabulary. He is also super tall. He has negotiation skills like you can't imagine. Loves the Wii & cucumbers. Hates being naked & getting in trouble. Totally tender when you get down to it.

We do call ourselves lucky parents. Happy 4 years Skippy / Monster / Jonesy / Sally / Kel.

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Lenzi Woodbury said...

Can he just go back to being a chubby cheeked little baby boy instead of a big 4 year old!! Remember how I wanted you to bring him by the office every day because he was such a darling little baby, and toddler, and big kid??? He truly is a remarkable 4 year old so kudos to you and Chad. It couldn't have happened without amazing parents!