Friday, December 17, 2010


Keller had requested a stuffed puppy for Christmas. As a pre-Christmas surprise -- Chad, Grandma & I took Kel down to the 'big, big mall' [as K calls the Fashion Show Mall] to Build-A-Bear Workshop to pick his own new best friend. He loved it!

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Lenzi Woodbury said...

SHUT UP! You really have gone through with the amazingly creative & time consuming countdown!?! I'm so proud of you! You've been having so much fun! And I've just been friggin' sick! I'm so jealous! I need to get photos of Spens at City Center or Bellagio or something. Those picts are awesome! Way to go photographer Dana! I love them! Keller is one lucky boy. You have seriously been busy & keeping up every single day's activities? Kudos!
Thanks for being my inspiration to be a better mom during the holidays~ XOXO