Monday, November 8, 2010

Day in the Life of a Blur

Chad & I agree that the last few months have felt like a blur.

We rush to complete the immediate fire in front of us to move onto the next fire that needs to be put out.

Today's blur:


Keller comes bounding in our room thinking its time to be up. [Thank you Daylight Saving Devils.] He is promptly sent back to his room twice before I can comprehend opening my eyes. That lasts until 6:07AM.

Thank goodness the remote is on my side of the bed. Thanks to Disney Channel's Chuggington for entertaining my wide-awake child while I still try to figure out what day it is in my 'not-awake yet' daze.

It's Monday. Dang. Hit the office [i.e. the extra bedroom 10 feet down the hall] and start to answer the work e-mails that have hit over the weekend. Yes, I get to do this in pajamas & non-brushed teeth.

My saint of a husband has made delicious breakfast sandwiches. Kel preferred his Cinnamon Life cereal.

Chad leaves for a project. Keller leaves for better TV viewing downstairs. I leave to go back to the office.

Chad returns with a spliting headache. I'd like to split a few hairs with some of these e-mails!

Realize I better shower for the day to be out the door in an hour for a high school presentation. I think the students would appreciate.

Keller has now taken over the office & rules the world.

Out the door I go to drive 40 minutes across town to share the good word of SUU with a mere 2 students. Miscommunication at the school, students didn't receive passes, blah, blah, blah. Sure hope those 2 girls who seemed to care more about telling me about their weekend than college choose SUU.

Return home. Grilled cheese time. Proof a paper for Chad. Log into the 3 systems necessary for a simple conference call / staff meeting. Office just sent me a web cam. Oh you really need to see my laundry on the extra bed behind me that I sometimes like to fold when I am on the staff meeting call?

Chad & Keller have rearranged Kel's room. Kel is still arguing that he can't understand the need to de-clutter. Shouldn't every child need a basketball hoop, TV with VSmile, dart game & locker in their room?

Out the door I go again. Had a gift certificate from Mothers Day [6 months ago]for a massage that was going to expire. Rough, I know...I mean....that masseuse had strong hands.

Return home to change posts with Chad who is now looking spiffy in his suit on his way to teach a little Dale Carnegie. I return to comfy clothes & a matching game with Kel. Kel decides Captain Crunch sounds delicious for dinner.

Keller has now downed 3 bowls of Captain Crunch.
We better get to the grocery store tonight or there will be a revolt in the morning that there is no milk for beloved chocolate milk.

Return from store. Pretty sure it feels like midnight [You Daylight Saving Devils, you!]. Keller wants to read his Elmo book. It sortof creeps me out because it is a book with a plush Elmo. But, Elmo has now lost both of his googly eyes. It creeps me out to read with Blind Elmo.

Last load of laundry is in the dryer. I might be able to watch a DVR'd episode of The Soup while I fold it all.

Chad should arrive home. I should be done folding laundry. Instead, I have a feeling it may be me & Blind Elmo asleep on the couch with an empty box of Captain Crunch.

Welcome to our blur!


Hali said...

I love your blur! It entertains my blur :-).

PS...Captain Crunch is totally my cereal of choice. AND I gave three presentations last week to 2 students or less. Bah.

Happy {blur} Tuesday!

MPk said...

Blur on, Marchants...blur on;) Thanks for the chuckles!