Sunday, October 3, 2010

Young Women Sleepover

We had a little shin-dig for our Young Women in September. It included a late-night-of-hardly-any-sleeping-sleepover, stunt-swimming, pizza, junk food, eyebrow waxing....what more could a girl want?

Thanks for keepin' me on my toes ladies...You constantly make me laugh.
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Katherine said...

Woah! Wasn't prepared for the emotion that slammed me when I looked at your collage. I am fighting back tears! Seeing all those faces and realizing that Vegas is still "home" to me...ouch! How long is that going to last?

Dana Marchant said...

Katherine -- You are a gem & we miss you & your family around here! You are off to great adventures. I don't know if the feeling ever fully goes away -- You just get to gain lots of 'homes' along the path of life.