Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekend with Trump

One more quick summer adventure I forgot to include:

My mom & one of my best friends, Kimmy, share the same birthday. We have a standing 'Girls Weekend' during their birthdays. Kimmy & her mom + me & my mom + any other friends / family that can join us - book a Vegas hotel for the weekend and try to fit in lots of girl activities in less than 48 hours.

This year it was all about Trump:

Stayed at The Trump a few months ago for our anniversary & fell in love. No casino, no smoke, pure elegance & the softest robes in the rooms you have ever experienced.

[Funny side story: Chad & Keller came down to hang out with us Friday evening. As they were leaving for the night, leaving the 50th floor into the beautiful lobby, Keller, Mr. Homebody, says, "I sure am sorry you have to stay here". Yes, Keller, we are truly sorry too!]

For this trip, us ladies stayed in the lap of luxury. We shopped ALL day Saturday. [Just ask Susie about her Forever 21 experience. The new Forever 21 @ The Fashion Show Mall is the size of the state of Kansas. She was a bit overwhelmed!] We ate Nothing Bundt Cake. We stayed up late. [Ames - What were we thinking? I hadn't seen 3AM for years!] We played Bingo @ South Point.

It is an adventure we all look forward to each year. I love these ladies. And no -- I have no pictures of the ladies this weekend. We give the birthday girls, who each HATE to have their picture taken, a break.

I did get this pic checking out:

Yep, that The Donald himself, leaving his hotel to head to the Miss Universe Pageant that was held the same weekend. His hair & ties are as ugly in person as on TV.

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