Sunday, August 29, 2010

Aggie Blue

Let me begin this post by proclaiming my undying loyalty to MY school:
Southern Utah University.

It is the best higher education you can get in the state of Utah.

The second best place, in my humble opinion, just might be located at the northern end of Utah in beautiful Logan:
Utah State University.

One of my cute Young Women, Brooke, is looking to become a USU Aggie next year. [Just can't convince her of the wonders of SUU.] One of my friends/fellow YW leaders, Jaime, is a USU alumni. So -- Off to Logan we went to show Brooke the experience that she could have.

Luckily, I have another gem of a friend who just happens to be the Director of Admissions at Utah State -- Jenn. Jenn & I spent 6 glorious months working together at SUU & living next door to each other in our lovely CC, UT apartment next to the freeway. She has enough personality, spunk & caring to fill the sky. We have a connection you don't find very often.

An interior shot of the new USU Library. Amazing!

Jenn hooked Brooke, Jaime & I [and Keller] with an excellent visit -- including a USU shopping trip, Aggie icecream & Hazel's warm cinnamon bread [like a slice of heaven!]. The info was spot-on & reminded me why I love what I do.

Brooke - If I cannot knock some sense into you in the next year regarding SUU -- I just might give you permission to attend USU. Just send me some icecream every once in a while!


Sheena said...

Aaahaaha! I am SO jealous...I wish I could have come! I just LOVE USU/Logan (in the summer)! And lets get this straight...USU is the best in UT! haha j/k :) Looks like tons of fun.

Katie said...

I agree. Logan is awesome, though I too, went to SUU. My parents live in Logan, and it always a great visit. Besides the 12 hour car drive. Wait, you're saying, "it doesn't take 12 hours to get to Logan". Well, it does if you have my three kids and husband who have to pee, like every hundred miles. He will be thrilled to know I just put that info out into blog-land.