Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Total Eclipse of the Heart

I was invited to attend the midnight premier of the latest girl-crazed installment of the Twilight series: Eclipse.

I thought people watching was good in Vegas....

Try people watching at the Palms [home of the Playboy Club & numerous guilty pleasure reality shows]..... at midnight.....on a random Tuesday & hoards of crazy women [and men] gather to partake in a werewolf & vampire showdown.

Let me set the scene:

I pull into the parking garage to find this plastered on some nice Mormon Moms circa 1992 minivan:

Inside were groups of women, girls, and de-masculated husbands who all seemed to think wearing matching t-shirts was the call of duty. My favorite t-shirt slogan lends the title to this blog with the group of women I attended the feature with: 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'.

Once inside the theater, the movie staff, knowing they were making their next 17 years profit off this event, was kind enough to have a trivia questions with Twilight giveaways. A hush fell over the audience & women's hands let go of their beloved $7 Bella & Edward plastic bucket of popcorn & furiously flew up to answer the trivia. One girl, after answering a question pertaining to what Jacob gives Bella as a graduation present - a handcarved wolf charm - announced to the entire audience that she had a collection of said handcarved wolf charms and was selling them for $30 a pop. She won my award of "Best use of school summer vacation to dive deeper into the fantasy world where she believes she will marry the werewolf & make $30 off it."

There was another poor guy who not only had to attend the feature, appropriately snuggle with his wife, but also carry her pink purse before the movie began. Poor chump!

To wrap up the night, I thoroughly enjoyed the post-feature discussions by groups of women in the lobby as to if they had switched their team of loyalty [Edward vs. Jacob] after the new developments. There were some heated discussions, pulling descriptions & details from the book, that were not on the big screen. I think some of these women have studied these books more than The Bible or their children's birth certificates.

All in all -- I had a laugh-out-loud grandeous time. 2 hours of the movie was superb. 2 hours of people watching was above & beyond.


Lenzi Woodbury said...

YOU LOVED IT AND YOU KNOW IT! I know under that black tee you were wearing something about your team's alliance. Don't lie! :) Glad you went. Glad to know I was one of the many wearing shirts that boldly shouted my allegiance to the vampires.
2011 can't come fast enough----BREAKING DAWN BABY!!

Brooke @ said...

I went last night too! I laughed out loud while reading your post!

Leslie said...

There is no way on earth I would ever get Quinn to anything like Eclipse. I am with you...I feel bad for the poor husband who had to carry his wife's pink purse. Glad you had a good time. Midnight is too late for this girl, so I'll just go a different day!

Kimber said...

I love this post.

Sara said...

You are the funniest person ever!

k.k. chamberlain said...

Hilarious. I can't believe you braved that!! The best was the lady who threw her popcorn in the air.

Adam and Kollen Marchant Family said...

I laughed the whole time reading your post. You are hilarious. I get to go tomorrow.

Kaydee said...

I went last night! I agree with everything you said. It has been so long since I have blog stocked you. I love you bathroom and by the way I think you look great! Hey it would be fun to see you guys again sometime. I am glad you are doing well.