Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Keller's 'Things'

Keller has 4 favorite items that get hauled around the house everyday & that must be present & snuggly at bedtime:

This is actually Baby Bear 3 -- this one lasting the longest. This funny $5 Walmart teddy bear [because every teddy bear should wear a blue camoflauge shirt], became Keller's favorite after we forgot Baby Bear 2 on a trip to Cedar City. This bear has been in his crib, his bed, rides in Keller's car seat on trips & is by far his best friend.

Covered his carseat coming home from the hospital. Been dragged through the dirt camping. Makes the best cape around! We have 2 of these handy-dandy-fix-any-wrongs-in-the-world goods. He L O V E S Blankie.

Thanks to Grandma Marchant to making Keller's favorite pillow that matches his blankie.

My Mom got these penguins for Keller at Sea World last year & they have taken on personalities & little voices. Baby Penguin must sleep with Keller & Daddy Penguin now has to come to Chad's side of the bed every night. Keller was quite distraught the other morning when he realized that Daddy Penguin had slept on the couch & not with Chad. Keller now tucks Daddy Penguin into bed everynight for his Daddy.

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