Friday, April 23, 2010

California Tripin'


Gotta love 'em.

We met the Spencer's in our first apartment complex here in Las Vegas & have stayed in touch with them after they moved to Loma Linda, CA for Weston to attend dental school. We have a ball together....lots of food, talk, adventures and did I mention the food?

We headed down to their house last weekend for a get-a-way. After talking until nearly 2AM Friday [Saturday AM], we started our day Saturday celebrating their Hailey's 3rd birthday. Girl knows how to celebrate -- cupcakes for breakfast & a day trip to the beach. So adorable!

After the beach & Chronic Tacos [awesome!], we headed back to Loma Linda, the boys had their usual bratwurst fest. Did I mention the food we always eat together? Ash & I usually find an alternative.

Sunday was spent at church - participating in Ash's great Primary singing time [sans puff on the behind], some traditional Japanese cooking by Weston & exploring Loma Linda's Dental School & campus & Redlands, CA.

Our trip ended Monday with a trip to Ikea & hittin' the road.

Thanks to the Spencer's for being amazing hosts, entertainers & knowing all the best places to eat....Did I mention the food?


AshleyS said...

you HAD to bring up the puff on the butt...

LOL, this was such a great weekend! We love you guys, let's not let it be another year and a half before we do this again.

AshleyS said...

oh, and you forgot to list Weston's favorite part of the visit...when you gave me coupon lessons!